AVer VB 342+

The VB342+ from AVer is a video soundbar with integrated 4K camera and features such as smart frame technology, as well as smart speaker detection for small to medium-sized meeting rooms.

An ultra-high resolution camera with a wide angle of 120° and additional pan and tilt functionality sits in the center of the unit. This gives you a 180° view of a horizontal room. Smart-Frame technology detects exactly how many people are in the room. This automatically adjusts the field of view and focus to the optimum. Another feature is the True-WDR function, which produces a natural and color-balanced image even in suboptimal lighting conditions.

On the side of the camera are two directional microphones with a coverage range of 6 meters. They make use of Smart Speaker detection, which ensures that only the human voice is captured. This means that the person you are talking to is not distracted by annoying background noise. Additional echo and noise suppression ensure a pleasant, natural sound.

The system can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth, HDMI or USB Type-C plug with your personal device, regardless of the operating system.