Neat Center

Neat Center complements your NEAT conferencing solution, featuring a 360-degree camera that collaborates with the main camera to ensure optimal framing for all participants. With the capability for individual framing of up to 15 people.
With Neat Center, everyone takes center stage, offering remote participants the best view in any setting. Even when people in the room are facing away from the main Neat device or engaged in conversation with someone across the table, Neat Center ensures that remote participants feel fully immersed in the conversation.

Choose the perfect spot for your Neat Center with its easy setup. Whether on your table, side furniture, or hanging from the ceiling.

Neat Center transforms meeting rooms into exceptional experiences for both in-person and remote attendees. As a Microsoft Teams and Zoom certified meeting room complement, it is ideally designed for use in small to large conference rooms.


  • 3 cameras with 360-degree view
  • 16x mic array for optimal audio pickup throughout the room.
  • Individual framing (8 people)
  • Flexible mounting

Neat Center