Neat Bar Pro

The Neat Bar Pro is an all-in-one meeting device designed for the use of Microsoft Teams and Zoom in middle to larger sized meeting rooms. All-in-one means, that high class stereo, a 50-megapixel camera and five microphones are combined within this device.

The videobar can be connected to up to three Displays via Plug-and-Play.

Included is the Neat Pad, a controller / planner for your meeting with a dynamic touchscreen.

Practical sensors and features like auto framing or a light sensor ensure the perfect video wherever you are.

Like all available products, project conditions are also an option for the Neat Bar Pro.


  • 70° to 113° Horizontal field of view
  • 50 MP Capture resolution
  • 16x Digital zoom
  • 16 mic array
  • 3 Full-range speakers
  • Triple screen support
  • Speakertracking
  • ANC

Neat Bar Pro