BlueJeans Rooms

BlueJeans Rooms is a room system that transforms each of your rooms into a user-friendly video conference hub. Setup, management and use are effortless and simple, increasing the productivity of your employees. With BlueJeans Rooms, your conference rooms are designed for video transmission and modern forms of collaboration. For natural and clear sound quality, without annoying background noise, BlueJeans recommends the Dolby Conference Phone. In addition, the simple plug-and-play implementation of the BlueJeans Rooms reduces the cost and complexity of traditional room systems.

With BlueJeans, users can make video calls and start meetings with up to 100 participants at the touch of a fingertip without having to reserve a conference room. Conferences are also possible via desktop PCS, mobile devices and SIP-based room systems. Screen contents can easily be transferred from your laptop to the display in the room. The rooms can be navigated via a simple and intuitive user interface. You can also remotely monitor and manage all rooms to see instantly whether a conference room is available for an ad hoc meeting and to identify and resolve technical issues in ongoing meetings.