Yamaha YVC-1000

The Yamaha YVC-1000 is a Bluetooth-enabled, comfortable phone system for any medium to large conference spaces. Featuring separate microphone and speaker units, the YVC-1000 smoothly integrates audio and video for natural remote communication: while the high performance, full range speaker unit is placed close to the display for a most natural blend of voice and video, adaptive echo cancellers and other Yamaha sound processing technologies facilitate stress-free conversation. The possibility to daisy-chain up to five distinct microphones thereby allows even wider meeting surface areas, and thus larger groups to be covered.

Key features

  • Multiple connection options via Bluetooth and USB
  • High Quality Audio Technology with Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) minimizes background noise during calls
  • Excellent Scalability: daisy chains up to 5 microphones and supports 2 external speakers
  • One-Button Autotuning: analyzes room environment and automatically tunes acoustic settings to the optimal level