Logitech MeetUp

Logitech MeetUp Conference Cam is designed for use in small meeting rooms and huddle rooms and works with applications for videoconferencing. The camera has a field of view of 120 degrees so that all meeting are clearly visible. The image sensor supports 4K, Full HD and HD. You choose the image quality that applies for your use. You can zoom in with the included remote control, allowing you to decide yourself who or what will be displayed with panning and tilting.

The sound is specifically tailored to small meeting rooms. 3 integrated beamforming microphones and a speech-optimized speaker ensure that everyone is clearly heard. Expansion microphones can be added to increase the audio range from 2.4 meters to 4.2 meters.

The compact design and the connection options with Bluetooth limit the amount of cables to a minimum and the supplied wall mounting makes MeetUp easy to install.

Most important features 

  • Super wide field of view of 120 degrees
  • Speakerphone with 3 microphones
  • Suitable for optional expansion microphone
  • 4K Ultra HD video calls
  • Motorized panning / tilting