UCaaS – Unified Communication as a Service

With unified communication, all of a company's communication channels are combined in a single platform to simplify internal and external corporate communication.
With UCaaS, UC reaches a new level, because while standard unified communications solutions often only include on-site components and legacy systems, with UCaaS one uses the potential of the cloud.
This opens up many new possibilities – even for smaller companies.

Flexible and cost-effective solution for any business

UCaaS opens up completely new perspectives for the modern working world, because what was previously often reserved for large companies with high IT deployment and large server volumes is now possible for companies of any size. With UCaaS, you get all the services for your corporate communications from the cloud and only pay for what you really need. At the same time, you can add further licenses, functions and applications as required at the touch of a button, so that the solution grows with your company. This gives you maximum flexibility and scalability, and is also cost-efficient.

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UCaaS – The next generation of Unified Communication

UCaaS platforms include everything you need for location-independent communication and collaboration: From audio and video conferencing, to one-on-one and group chats, to sharing and collaborating on files and documents. All components are unified in a single, intuitive interface that can be centrally managed. Since the solution is cloud-based, all users have unrestricted access to the platform from anywhere and from any device at any time. UCaaS is therefore particularly suitable for hybrid working, which is already practiced in many companies today.

For your digitization strategy, UCaaS provides a solid foundation on which to build future business processes. Since UCaaS providers are constantly developing their solutions, new functions and innovations are regularly available to you, providing your company with unique development opportunities.

Most UCaaS solutions include, in addition to the common communication channels Message, Video, Phone (MVP), many other application options with which you can make team collaboration and your work processes even more effective. These include features such as task management, whiteboarding, workforce management, analytics tools and integration with other business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, Google Calendar, Salesforce, Slack and many more. In addition, UCaaS solutions can also be extended with hardware so that you can use them professionally in your conference room.

In addition, many UCaaS platforms have a wide range of other tools and features, but they vary by provider. While some providers score with versatile options for creating and exchanging documents and files, others impress with a comprehensive telephone system with contact center and customer engagement. Still other providers focus on virtual events, such as webinars, training courses and web conferences, in which participants can be actively involved with the help of intuitive interaction and target group tools.

What UCaaS providers are there?

The UCaaS market has experienced enormous growth since 2020, not least because the demand for cloud-based communication services has multiplied immensely due to increased home office working. As a result, a host of new providers have positioned themselves in the market, whose solutions enable distributed teams to collaborate productively despite physical distance.

With so many providers, it's not easy to keep track of everything. We'll make it easy for you and focus on five vendors we call the "UCaaS Big 5." These - to us - top five vendors are Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting and RingCentral. Each of these vendors offers a powerful, feature-rich platform that meets all the needs of location-independent communication and collaboration. But each of them has a different focus and thus its own strengths. We have briefly summarized these:

Cisco Webex: The UC platform Webex is known for its particularly high security standards and its first-class video quality. In addition, Cisco is the only one of our UCaaS Big 5 to offer its own highly professional hardware for its solution.

Microsoft Teams: MS Teams impresses with its extensive chat functions and versatile data exchange options. The direct connection to the Office 365 suite with its numerous applications is an absolute plus.

GoToMeeting: The web-based video conferencing platform GoToMeeting is ideally suited for mobile use and can be expanded with many interactive tools for remote support, e-learning and online training.

Zoom: Zoom is one of the most popular and widely used platforms for online meetings, webinars and live streaming due to its ease of use, and is also widely used outside the corporate world.

RingCentral: RingCentral's focus is on telephony. Thus, it offers a comprehensive phone system with complete contact center and customer engagement that can be easily integrated with all your business applications.

The right hardware for your UCaaS solution

With the growing supply of cloud-based UC solutions, many videoconferencing vendors have responded to the situation by adapting their hardware to meet demand. Manufacturers such as Poly, Crestron, Logitech, Yealink, DTEN, Bose and Neat are therefore increasingly offering video conferencing solutions that are compatible with the most widely used UCaaS platforms and in many cases are even pre-configured so that the room systems can be used natively with the corresponding platform. Some examples can be found here.

Alternatively, many manufacturers also offer BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) solutions, which allow you to connect directly to the video conferencing technology in your conference room using your own laptop and the UCaaS solution contained on it.

Below we show you a small selection of BYOM and USB devices that can be used universally with the most common UCaaS solutions.