T1V ThinkHub

ThinkHub is an interactive multitouch tool that you can connect to your own interactive screen to allow your team to share a project simultaneously, regardless of location or number of employees.

ThinkHub offers you a Digital Canvas workspace with multitouch functionality and a workspace which is more than 20 times bigger than the size of your device's touch screen. Once connected, you can view the canvas on your own device, send your own content such as files or links to the canvas, or wirelessly transfer and control your own screen. ThinkHub comes with a large set of annotation tools so you can interact with any content shared on the canvas. You can draw, take snapshots, email the content to yourself or print it out. The annotation toolset is available for all content shared in the Canvas area - images, videos, PDFs, devices, notes, sketches and web browser windows.

On the Thinkhub interface, Webex, Skype for Business and Zoom can be accessed directly from the menu and displayed in a window. It is also possible to connect the ThinkHub to various video conferencing solutions. The ThinkHub software is hardware independent, so it is compatible with most touch screens.

ThinkHub is therefore a powerful interactive collaboration software that offers you limitless collaboration possibilities, revolutionizing the way your employees work.