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For many companies, digitization has not yet been an issue, but due to the current circumstances, they are forced to digitize their entire workflow from now on.

Which tools help keep internal communication running and enable location-independent collaboration between teams? Which hardware is the right one to ensure the professional use of video conferences and webinars with high-quality audio and video?

Let us advise you and help you optimally equip your workplace.

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And suddenly all the offices were empty

Suddenly all team members have disappeared from sight and are sitting in the home office. But at home they are not necessarily equipped to continue working as usual. Long-trained, efficient processes have to be reconsidered and adapted to the current situation.

The task is to maintain the performance of the team, strengthen the team spirit and to develop new work processes. To master this challenge, you need solutions that are well thought-out and that are as simple and quick to implement as possible. Easy start. Fast learning. Better benefit.

The right solution for one is not the right solution for the other, because different working conditions require different approaches. We would be happy to advise you and help you to find the right solution for your company.

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Information for employees and team members

And suddenly there was home office

Until recently, working at home fell under the term “new work” and was almost unthinkable for many companies - today it is different. Almost every company offers you as an employee to work in the home office so that your work does not stop.

But how do you manage to adapt quickly to the new situation? What are the advantages of the home office? How do you optimally set up your workplace and how do you behave correctly at a video meeting?

We answer all your questions and are always available with our expertise.

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Prysm Visual Workplace

Stay productive as a team: Interactive collaboration, at any location

Teamwork plays an important role in modern office life. One thing above all applies here: The more employees work together on a project, the more important is good coordination and communication. However, if the team is no longer in the same room, or even in the same building, this initially seems more difficult and for many people not even possible. But this is exactly where collaboration tools can help. These have been enabling teams to work together productively and, above all, independently of location for a long time. Through video calls and chats your teams stay in touch. Digital workplaces with various annotation tools offer you the possibility to work together on files, share content and at the same time to record your ideas and thoughts on a whiteboard.

We answer all your questions and are always at your disposal with our expertise.

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Solutions for location-independent, digital collaboration

Information for one-man businesses, organizations, schools and private use

And suddenly your everyday life changes completely

The general conditions are different for one-man businesses than for companies with many employees. Primarily, communication takes place with the customer themselves instead of between team colleagues. Customers have different quality standards and will look for a better service provider if they are not satisfied. Therefore, the solution should work without any problems. Complexity and many features are not necessary, but rather an easy-to-use system that avoids complex IT work in the background. You don't want to spend more time on support than on your actual business.

You should also note that each solution has different requirements for your customers. A solution that costs a lot of bandwidth can cause problems because not everyone has unlimited data volume or fast internet. Browser solutions are a common means of communicating easily and successfully.

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