Prysm 190 Visual Workplace Solution

Prysm 190 Visual Workplace Solution is an interactive, multi-user touch enabled collaboration video wall. The Prysm 190 with its 3843x1280 pixel 190-inch Laser Phosphor Display, flagship of the line for large spaces and groups of more than 10 people, is still the measure of all things - and apart from that, a real eye-catcher.

Main features:

  • Exclusive laser phosphor display technology
  • Energy-saving solid-state lasers consume 75% less energy than traditional displays
  • Brilliant, crisp and uniform image quality in all lighting conditions
  • Optimum use of space by ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 °
  • Dynamic multi-image contents can be freely positioned and adjusted
  • Multiuser touch capable
  • Consistent viewing experience through rimless displays
  • Low operating temperature, no active cooling required
  • Video, multimedia, telepresence and user-generated content in HD

Prysm 190 Visual Workplace Solution
Prysm Cascade Collaboration Display
Prysm Cascade Collaboration Display In Use 02
Prysm Cascade Collaboration Display In Use 03

Technical details: Prysm 190 Visual Workplace Solution

Order number

Target Applications

  • Conference rooms, Board rooms, Briefing centers, Training rooms, Demo centers
  • Designed for large rooms, 10+ people

Application Appliance (X40)

  • Video Output: NVIDIA M4000
  • Video Capture/Input: 4x HDMI 1.4a (configurable up to 12x HDMI)
  • Processor: Intel Xeon E5
  • Storage: 2x (dual) 256 GB SSD
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 17.5in x 8.0in x 20.7in
  • Interactive Input Controller (Qty): 1x

Display Characteristics

  • 190" screen diagonal
  • Display Resolution: 3843 × 1280 (2x 1080 HD capable)
  • Total Pixel Count: 4.9 million
  • Display Dimensions: 180.6in x 60.2in x 190.4in
  • Display Area (total): 10.854in², 7.0m²
  • Touch Type: High-resolution IR
  • Touch Points: 32 simultaneous touch points
  • Touch Pressure: Zero Force
  • Touch Update Rate: 70fps
  • Touch Latency: 7-16ms
  • Touch Accuracy: 6mm