Interactive Whiteboards

Collaboration the way we learned it: expressing your thoughts through simple finger motion. Our whiteboards know exactly what you mean.

Don't let yourself be fooled: At first appearance it looks like an ordinary whiteboard, but it is an interactive SMART Board which has completely revolutionized the presentation technology in the business and education area.

A SMART Board is not less than a blackboard, flipchart, whiteboard, screen and touch screen in one: Connected to a computer makes it possible to edit documents on a touch-sensitive surface, play videos and send e-mails.

In short: You can control any application of the computer with a pen, finger and sponge. Intuitive, flexible and audiovisual.

SMART Boards are available as a LCD display, as a SMART overlay for standard LCD displays, and in combination with projectors. We install diverse solutions in special resolutions, special formats, or special mounting mechanisms depending on the application and capacity requirements. Whether research, teaching, industry or politics: We have the right interactive solution for your needs.