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Tumbnail Zoom Fatigue

5 tips on preventing Zoom Fatigue

25.03.2021 -

Zoom Fatigue is the expression for the tiredness and lack of concentration occurring in long videoconferences. We have five tips for you to prevent yourself from this growing problem.

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Best Avocor Reseller 2020

DEKOM is „Best Avocor EMEA Reseller 2020“

15.03.2021 -

About a year ago, Avocor announced that DEKOM joined the manufacturer's partner programme as a Gold Partner - now we have been awarded with the " Best Avocor EMEA Reseller 2020"! 

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Cisco Webex Desk Camera in use

Cisco Webex Desk Camera - 4K video, no matter where from

19.02.2021 -

Cisco Webex Desk Camera is a premium USB webcam that provides high-quality video and audio for video conferencing, video streaming, and video recording.

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StarLeaf Room for Poly in a conference room

StarLeaf Room for Poly - reliable software with high-quality hardware

19.02.2021 -

Starleaf Room for Poly combines Starleaf's innovative, reliable video conferencing software with Poly's high-quality room systems.

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Zoom Partner of the Year Award

DEKOM France is Zoom Partner of the Year

19.01.2021 -

DEKOM France is pleased to announce that the company was named "France Partner of the Year" at Zoom's first virtual Partner Connect conference in December.

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BIM Case: VR glasses

BIM - dreams of the future or reality? DB Netz AG as an innovator

13.01.2021 -

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process in which an intelligent 3D model of the construction project is first created using BIM software. This 3D model enables the coordination and simulation of processes and construction phases throughout the entire life cycle of a...

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