Cloud Video Conferencing

Moving to the cloud is more than a trending topic. It is a single answer to reliability, cost decrease, taking just what you need and not pay for more. And above all: ease of use.

Videoconferencing Mobile Lifesize Cloud

Cloud services enable you to communicate using your laptop, tablet and smartphone, in any meeting room with anyone you want to. Our cloud based solutions make video conferencing easy, accessible and frustration free. Dial your contacts by name, host group video calls, share content.

Call anyone over video instantly, or meet at a scheduled time in a virtual meeting room and collaborate at any place, at any time.

Rely on Experts!

Regardless of where the servers are located, whether in the cloud or a computer centre: Licenses, devices, installations, financing, support and training, upgrades, scaling, adjustment, security and data protection.

Choose between cloud and on-premise or opt for the best of both worlds, the hybrid solution. Contact us, we would be happy to advise you.