Our solutions are comprehensive - and our projects not finished before the customer is satisfied. Therefore, we offer a wide range of services that leave nothing to be desired.

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Financial Services

Efficient communications infrastructure is an essential factor in economic success. Intensive competition, rapid technological progress and increasingly short product life cycles require constant adaptation and reinvestment.

Is this a challenge for your company too? Our individual trade-in, leasing, hire and finance schemes offer you an inexpensive way of efficiently modernising your communications infrastructure.

For instance, lease our flagship telepresence product, the MEDIA PRESENCE SYSTEM, for flexible contract terms of 36 to 60 months, at fixed monthly rates – with no capital commitment or risk. This gives you state of the art technology while allowing you to maintain financial flexibility and spare your credit limit. After the lease term expires, the technology is returned and refurbished, and you have the option to upgrade immediately to newer systems.

Professional Training

User training is an integral part of any installation - your employees will receive clear and concise instructions on how to use your solution.

We also offer comprehensive specialist training with certification covering subjects such as “Administration: infrastructure” or “Business behaviour: video conferencing” etc. for specific groups including administrators, maintenance staff and operational personnel. Our training courses include appropriate documentation to accompany the teaching, provide practical hands-on experience with any system, and can be carried out in-house or at our Hamburg office.

Our individual training courses cover subjects such as:

  • infrastructure
  • security models
  • networks
  • interior design
  • video conference etiquette

DEKOM's international hire and event service won’t let you down. Do you need the latest technology for your event?

Do you need to hold a video conference with someone without a system of their own? We can supply any display, audio or video conferencing equipment for any location at short notice. We can even bring technicians and the Internet with us on request.

Hire examples:

  • guest speaker broadcasts
  • major events
  • (virtual) roadshows
  • press conferences
  • ad-hoc meetings, and much more