From simple spreadsheet on the wall to 3D and laser in a cinematic experience. The DEKOM collection of projectors provide pristine images for any purpose you can imagine.

Projectors and Beamers

Successful presentations need preparation. Where are you presenting, who is your audience, what effect do you want to create, and what do you want to achieve? These questions are not only crucial when drafting your presentation, but also when choosing a projector. After all, your presentation can only be a complete success with the right technology.

Although many projectors have few external differences, the technical specifications are as individual as the requirements for each intended application. In large conference rooms, auditoriums and lecture halls, projectors with large screen sizes from 2 metres upwards are needed. Video projections in daylight require considerably higher light output than ordinary presentations. The sensitive microphones in video conferencing systems in turn require particularly quiet devices.

By contrast, short distance projectors are recommended for projections onto SMART boards to prevent dazzling and minimise obstruction of the picture when working on the board. Rear projection technology requires different lenses and a different mirror system to front projectors. HD video conferences require a minimum resolution of at least WXGA.

Particularly bright and therefore noisy devices also make additional sound insulating housing essential. Because of all this, selecting a suitable projector is often a complex matter. Taking into account a wide range of criteria such as weight, size, operating volume, light output, contrast ratio, image resolution, colour fidelity and much more, we can provide you with the ideal devices for your intended application, objectives and room conditions. From weight-optimised, mobile projectors to permanently installed, high resolution DLP or LCD projectors, not only do we have the right system for you, but also the expertise to match.