The Chinese company LianTronics was founded in Shenzhen in 2003 and is a leading supplier in the LED industry. It offers system solutions for high-quality LED walls, especially in the field of fine-pitch LEDs.

Through great technological progress, LianTronics has gained a pioneering role in the LED business, and sets global standards for current standards of LED Walls. It also features a wide range of products, with excellent image quality, robustness - especially for outdoor LED walls, low power consumption and wide viewing angles. LianTronics carries out strict quality controls, which are above the European standard.

With the METAGO LED display, Liantronics offers a flexible all-in-one solution in 4 different sizes, which is especially used in conference areas and large lecture halls. For advertising and other visualization projects in the indoor area, there are no limits to the imagination, because with the LED panels, installations of all sizes and shapes can be mounted.