MAXHUB is an innovative provider of all-round solutions in the field of display and interaction technology. Based on technologies such as display control, signal processing and system integration, MAXHUB develops collaboration systems that offer tremendous added value, especially for conferencing situations.

The MAXHUB brand is owned by a subsidiary of CVTE, a world-renowned solution provider of LCD driver products. This company puts a lot of time into research and development of display and interaction technologies. MAXHUB's integrated LED wall is the company's latest development. Available in seven sizes from 110" to 220", it is perfect for conference rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums and other large-scale scenarios. MAXHUB's outstanding interaction capability and mirroring technology will make any presentation shine in its best light. Real-time screen sharing from up to four devices, including PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, enable seamless content sharing and comments are synchronized from all devices.