Media Control

Less is more. The essence of intuitivity is simplicity. That's why DEKOM Programmers turn iPads into control systems that everyone can use. No more training needed to operate light, sound and camera.

Media control

Media technology systems - whether in conference rooms or function rooms - are generally highly complex technical systems comprising a variety of more or less visible components. Lighting, displays, volume, ventilation, microphone systems, projectors etc. need to be carefully coordinated and controlled not just individually, but as a cohesive system.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about the technological complexity - we can develop individual, intuitively operated solutions of all sizes. Not only do we integrate all of the room functions in a single control unit, including screen extension and retraction, lighting and blinds, climate control and volume - on request, we can also programme individual function sequences, adapt user interfaces to your corporate design, or incorporate any number of applications such as presentation software or web content. Our intuitive user interfaces - via wired keyboard or wirelessly via touchpanel, iPad or iPod - allow even unfamiliar rooms and systems to be easily and reliably operated without previous technical knowledge.