Audio Systems

Sound is the basis for all multimedia. Our concept of audio is an outstanding clarity of speech and reliability without compromises.

Professional Audio Systems

PA Systems

Volume isn’t everything. Professional public address systems that provide interference-free, consistently high audio quality over long distances and large areas are generally highly complex systems comprising many components. This is because high quality public address systems are not only about performance, sound pressure and flexibility, but above all outstanding clarity of speech and uncompromising reliability.

To achieve this, our PA concepts use highly developed hardware such as digital audio processors, full range loudspeakers and cutting edge technology such as line arrays. Vertically arranged speakers avoid any potential areas of overlap and run-time differences between identical frequencies, thus preventing the clearly audible loss of quality found in traditional systems. At the same time, the modular design provides advantages in terms of handling, transport, setup and dismantling, and not only at live concerts or mobile events.

The more specific your requirements, the more flexible our solutions. You can expect comprehensive experience and expertise from us in all matters relating to professional PA systems, whether you need them for a lecture hall or town hall, theatre or stadium.

Digital Audio Processors

There’s no question that sound sets the tone - but there is often more to it than you can hear. Audio quality is the result of numerous simultaneously executed, precisely and reliably coordinated signal processing steps and functions. Professional sound systems are therefore highly complex systems which frequently consist of a large number of different specialist devices, each for individual processing tasks. This can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful, and quickly make even small systems confusing - but this isn’t always the case.

A digital audio processor not only allows the level, dynamics and frequency range of various audio signals to be fully processed using a single device - constantly, continuously and in real-time - but is also small, compact and intuitive to operate. Equalisers, clippers, HF enhancers, gain control... thanks to integrated processing of all relevant functions, it provides crystal clear sound even at maximum audio output and studio-quality recordings even with analogue signal sources. Once configured to your requirements, software will carry out all signal processing for you - and we’re here for everything else.