The DEKOM Advantage

We use our many years of domestic, European and global experience to help our customers decrease their costs, generate additional value, work more productively and secure a headstart on the competitive international market.

About us

DEKOM is one of the leading systems integrators for audiovisual communication. We offer our customers a complete range of professional media and conference technologies from one single source. More comprehensive knowledge about technologies, processes and components is required as a company increases in size and its needs become more diverse.

Our solutions help companies of all sizes and from all sectors to decrease costs, work more productively and to generate real added value. We also make a key contribution to securing our customers a headstart on the competitive international market, fulfilling the needs of even the most demanding customers.

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Our Product Portfolio

Independent vendors increase the number of solutions available to you. When planning a project, DEKOM is able to draw upon the portfolios of a full range of independent vendors who are relevant to that project, ensuring that you receive neutral advice, have freedom of choice and the highest possible flexibility in the development of your solution.

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We think outside the box

In a world that is becoming ever more connected, communication is of crucial strategic importance to a company's success. With DEKOM's intelligent ideas and innovations, communication will become the key to increased competing power, more efficient performance and more intensive target group dialogue for our customers.

Our Experience

Over the last 12 years, our specialists have implemented over 26,000 projects in over 50 countries. This wide-ranging experience means that we have developed a holistic, thorough understanding of the issues facing you: an understanding that you have been unable to find in other providers.

References and Case Studies

We have the experts

All of DEKOM's advisors are highly qualified and equipped with insider knowledge, as well as many years of project experience, ensuring that you have the certified expertise and support that you need. DEKOM offers you a full service and is there for you every step of the way: from the project planning stage all the way through the project term itself.

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