HoyluWall is a large format, up to 8 meter, interactive projection screen with seamless multi-channel support. The flexible installation options allow the HoyluWall to be tailored to your specific requirements. An important part of the HoyluWall is the Hoylu software, which consists of 5 different collaboration applications. These allow you to design and plan your projects on an intuitive and unlimited screen. Thereby a wide range of tools is available to you, with which you can draw, paint and design. It is also possible to display content from laptops or other mobile devices.

HoyluWall software is based on Windows. Therefore you can easily use all Office 365 programs. In addition, the Hoylu software allows you to share your workspace with your team in real time, and you can easily share your workspace with your team by simply entering an ID.

HoyluWall is available in 2 different versions. Both models consist of a digital film, projectors and a PC. In one version, the film is printed with a non-repeatable micro dot pattern (QR codes). The corresponding digital pen is equipped with a camera that can read the QR codes, thus enabling touch capability. The other version works with a print capacitive touch layer which is connected to the non-repeating micro dot pattern (PCAP). So you can use the interactive functions of the HoyluWall without the digital pen. What makes the HoyluWall projectors special is the very short beam path (UST), which allows you to stand comfortably in front of the wall and work without being disturbed by your own shadow.

HoyluWall's exceptional size, intuitive user experience and specially designed Hoylu software make it an ideal solution especially for larger meeting rooms.

HoyluWall front
HoyluWall in a meeting
HoyluWall in a meeting space
HoyluWall Presentation
HoyluWall Brainstorming
HoyluWall meeting room
HoyluWall working together
HoyluWall interactive Working

Technical details: HoyluWall

Standard PC Specifications:

  • Graphics Card: Nvidia Quadro P2000
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 processor
  • Hard Drive: 500 GB SSD
  • Memory: 16 GB Ram
  • PCIe Capture Card: Magewell Dual Capture Pro