Prysm Cascade Collaboration Display

Prysm Cascade video walls and displays deliver an innovative collaboration experience: the large, integrated digital canvas allows users to present, share, reposition, resize and to annotate any types of content such as office docs or multimedia files through on-screen touch, PCs and mobile devices. Multiple, simultaneous live inputs can be displayed and interacted with on-screen including video, telepresence, web apps, and more.

Configurable workspaces can be mirrored on peer displays and allow geographically separated teams to collaborate on projects in real time, to save their work between sessions, and to pick up where they left off at their next meeting.

Cascade systems are available in four standard sizes for different spacial requirements.

Technical details: Prysm Cascade Collaboration Display

Cascade 85

  • 85" screen diagonal
  • 3840 × 2160 display resolution (4K UHD)
  • Designed for small to medium-size rooms or 4-10 people

Cascade 117

  • 117" screen diagonal
  • 2135 × 1280 display resolution (> Full HD)
  • Designed for large rooms or 6-16 persons

Cascade 190

  • 190" screen diagonal
  • 3843 × 1280 display resolution (2x Full HD)
  • Designed for large rooms or more than 10 persons

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