RingCentral Message Video Phone

RingCentral Message Video Phone (MVP) is a cloud-based business communications solution that provides tools for messaging, video and phone. Core features of the solution include conferencing, automatic recording, and unlimited long distance and local calling.

RingCentral MVP is an all-in-one business communications system that helps employees stay connected across a variety of business and personal devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops and phones. The RingCentral mobile app is integrated with the phone system and keeps employees connected to customers and colleagues from anywhere.

In addition, RingCentral integrates with basic email platforms and other applications such as Salesforce CRM, Box, Dropbox and Google Docs. With RingCentral MVP, businesses are up and running in minutes. All phones are ready to use and set up out of the box. Users can manage their own phone settings without IT help.