Prysm Remote Touch Console

Prysm's Remote Touch Console (RTC) is the ideal complement and control unit to any Prysm video wall: using the mirroring capabilities of the Prysm application suite, the elegant 23" HD touch display provides access to features such as dynamically positioning and sizing content, whiteboarding and annotating, displaying live sources… in short: the total control of your video wall from any position within the room. Because the application suite's user interface is thereby displayed only at the RTC, previews and stage directions remain invisible to the audience during presentations.

Thus, the Remote Touch Console is not only a perfect solution for auditoriums and training rooms, but for any installation where a direct touch interface would be impractical with the video wall out of reach.

Prysm Remote Touch Console
Prysm Remote Control Touchscreen

Technical details: Prysm Remote Touch Console

Order number
038-00040-00 (Executive Edition)
038-00045-00 (Auditorium Edition)