Prysm Mobile

Prysm Mobile is a mobile interface for expanding the digital workplace platform. To improve collaboration across the enterprise, it bridges the gap between remote and in-office employees by providing access to cloud-based workspaces anywhere, anytime. This allows each employee to create, edit, or simply share these projects in real-time.

Most Collaboration solutions offer you the opportunity to attend meetings from your phone or tablet, but Prysm Mobile allows you to easily manage mobile meetings.

In addition you do not have to re-play everything you do on a project on the other devices. The so-called "focus mode" allows you to enlarge and edit up to 400% and edit it. Once you leave this, you can continue to work on the meeting.

It also includes uploading and downloading files, sharing snapshots and content, adding or removing participants, personalizing the workspace, organizing content with SnapGrids, and much more to the top features of Prysm Mobile.

The highlight though is that you do not need to install or configure an app. Just visit the site of Prysm Mobile and log in with your account. Then you'll see a surface with all the projects and you can start a meeting directly or simply work on a project. Therefore it is an ideal solution for workers who spend a lot of time on the road or in the air.