Prysm LPD 6K Series

The Prysm LPD 6K series are large, interactive, single-panel displays. The series comes in sizes 135" and 190". Both variants are equipped with laser phosphor technology and offer a resolution of 6K x 2K with intelligent light engines, which guarantees a constant image quality.

The displays complies the requirements of Rec. 709 Standard, the current global consumer and transmission standard for all HD content. Within this color space, you can reproduce over 1 billion discrete colors. Added to this is the high contrast ratio of more than 80,000: 1 with very low black values. Accordingly, you are offered an immersive, vivid visual experience with high contrast and rich colors.

Another big advantage is that with the Prysm LPD series you only need one display for one video wall and not several. This gives them gap-free images and eliminates the need to reposition content to avoid the glass edges of composite displays.

LPD 6K are not only designed for use in videos or presentations. Thanks to their interactivity, the robust polymer surface, which is impact and scratch resistant, and 30 touch points, the displays are ideal for interactive meetings with your team. They have also been designed to be more energy efficient to achieve low total cost of ownership throughout the life of the displays. As a comparison, Prysm's LPD 6K solution consumes less electricity than a commercial coffee machine.

Thus the displays are ideally suited as a solution for digital signage, interactive use at close range and everything in between.

Prysm LPD 6K Series display side custom skin silver
Prysm LPD 6K Series boardroom
Prysm LPD 6K Series conference room landscape
Prysm LPD 6K Series home theater
Prysm LPD 6K Series large conference room workspace
Prysm LPD 6K Series meeting room city

Technical details: Prysm LPD 6K Series

Target Applications:

  • Room Types: Conference rooms, Board rooms, Briefing rooms, Training rooms, Demo Centers
  • Room Size: Large rooms, 10+ people
  • Ambient Light: Suitable for normal ambient lightning conditions


  • Image resolution: 5616 x 1872 (Enhanced) ; 3744 x 1872 (Standard)
  • Total pixel count: 10.5 million (Enhanced)
  • Display aspect ratio: 3 : 1 (Enhanced Mode)
  • Display image dimensions: 4493 mm x 1490 mm x 4734 mm
  • Color processing: 10 bits per RGB color (1.07 billion colors)
  • Sequential contrast: 50.000 : 1 (Typical)


  • Touch latency: 7-16 ms
  • Touch accuracy: 6 mm
  • Touch type: High- resolution IR
  • Touch points: 32 simultaneous touch points

Physical Characteristics: 

  • Overall dimensions: 4833 mm x 2480 mm x 795 mm
  • Weight: 1.829 kg
  • Acoustic noise level: 40 dBA

Application Appliance:

  • Video Output: NVIDIA Quadro M4000 ; 4x DisplayPort 1.2
  • Processor: Intel Xeon E5
  • Storage: 2x 256 GB SSD
  • Dimensions: 446 mm x 203 mm x 526 mm


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