DEKOM implements sustainable communication solution for WWF

Video conferencing from the cloud - WWF uses green technologies and relies on DEKOM expertise with a cost-saving, efficient and flexible solution.

Case Study WWF
DEKOM Case Study WWF Lifesize

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the largest active and influential nature conservation organizations in the world, with a huge network of regional offices, national organizations, locations in more than 100 countries and currently 1,300 projects worldwide. Supported by five million sponsors, the WWF preserves biodiversity, uniqueness and the beauty of nature.

It goes without saying that the environmental organization strives to bring its own philosophy not only into nature conservation projects, but also to put green technologies in the fundamental heart of your company. Communications solutions have already been implemented by DEKOM since 2002, which, in particular, help save the cost of travel, while at the same time adding value to the workforce. Highly flexible, efficient and cost-effective solutions, from initially stationary video conferencing systems to current modern video conferencing cloud services, are now part of every employee's everyday life.

In addition to the Lifesize Cloud solution, the stationary Lifesize Icon room system was also implemented in the main locations of Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dessau and Stralsund in order to meet the increasingly complex requirements for environmental protection and related projects.