DEKOM 3D media technology planning

You want a conference room or reception area that is individually tailored to your wishes and needs?
No problem! 
With the new possibilities of 3D visualization and our expertise, you can plan and visualize your new working environment in just a few steps.

Whether improving an existing room or developing a completely new concept - with the help of 360° room recordings, you can sit back while our experts develop an all-encompassing audio, video and conference room concept and adapt it to your ideas.

Starting with a classic room inspection, our Superheros create a simulation of your space using a special 3D laser capture system.

With the experience gained from over a thousand successful projects, we provide you with expert advice and develop a customized best-practice example, which is made available to you as a 3D whiteroom model.
Finally, we put together a photorealistic rendering that contains all the AV components, lighting conditions and textures you require to give you an accurate picture of the future room design.
This process not only increases your planning security, but also ensures greater efficiency and quality, enables flexibility and avoids errors that can occur during the implementation of the project.


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