This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product VidyoMobile. The successor product is Vidyo Connect.


The VidyoMobile app transforms your Android/iOS smartphone or tablet into a virtual meeting place, witch dynamically decodes up to 720p and encodes up to VGA quality, so you can collaborate with others from wherever you are. With high fault tolerance, low latency and easy management, VidyoMobile ensure good communication and data transfer with other endpoints, mobile devices or room systems.

Vidyo’s patented Adaptive Video Layering Architecture enables VidyoMobile the arrangement of video conferencing in telepresence quality  on general data networks.  Adaptive Video Layering technology optimizes video streams for the capabilities of each user’s device and network conditions.

VidyoMobile integrates seamlessly with the software-based VidyoConferencing platform and with other Vidyo endpoints including VidyoDesktop, VidyoRoom and VidyoPanorama systems, as well as H.323 and SIP endpoints via VidyoGateway.

VidyoMobile becomes to a desk-videophone in a docking station with a large size screen to the mobile room system for hand-held telepresence experience to go.