VidyoReplay turns every Vidyo-endpoint into a recording system.

Authorized users are able to record video calls, messages by the customer support, product announcements, medical procedures, lectures, training sessions and anything else be it online through the wire or over 3G/4G WLAN-networks. These recordings can be distributed as webcasts in realtime or offline. You are simply choosing the resolution for the recording or webcast you want to create and start it with a mouse click. Administrators possess the flexibility and control for the creation of permission rights for user groups and are able to determine who is able to record, who can create webcasts and who is able to access saved content.

VidyoReplay contains an intuitive content management system with an integrated search- and commentary-function. Because of its support of dedicated hyperlinks for every recording or live webcast and its ability to secure content by PIN and the ability to change permission rights, sharing of recorded content over HTTPS is as easy as it has never been before. 

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Technical details: VidyoReplay

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LIC-SRV-REP-VE (Virtual Edition)