VidyoPortal is an intuitive, web-based application, which makes it possible for several users to manage their contacts and room settings while IT-workers take care of the administration processes centrally. Direct colleagues communication is easily possible thanks to a simple mouse click within an intuitive user interface and a common name directory.

VidyoPortal allows administrators flexibility and control on all levels. Operational aspects of videoconferencing can be controlled centrally. Furthermore, endpoints, infrastructure and licenses can be configured and scaled centrally. Certified users are able to change their settings, invite guests, guide a conference and interact with the system everywhere, any time and on any device. Support for individual of several participants on one device allows administrators to make use of their administrator privileges to control general settings and configure participant settings. Participant-administrators can add, delete and manage users, establish public rooms/groups and define the total participant count and bandwidth for the users.

VidyoPortal ensures a safe logging in process from a HTTPS web browser. All signaling-links are secured by TLS, all streams through the VidyoRouter are secured by SRTP and for the length of the call encrypted with the AES 128 standard. VidyoPortal is accessible by common web browsers such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla Firefox. 

VidyoPortal Screen

Technical details: VidyoPortal

Order number
PKG-PTVE10-SC-1K (Virtual Edition)
PKG-PT-SC-1000 (Server)