Vidyo Connect

Formerly known as Vidyo Neo

Vidyo Connect is a powerful business system that gives Windows and Mac users a resilient desktop video conferencing experience. It provides a feature-rich and intuitive user experience that virtually eliminates multitasking and increases meeting effectiveness. Optimized workflows make it even easier to interact with colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers or patients. Users of Vidyo Connect can also expect very good video and audio quality.

The patented dynamicadaption-technology enables Vidyo Connect to deliver a high-quality experience despite variable bandwidth and packet loss typical of public Internet and wireless network connections. In rugged network environments, Vidyo Connect even transmits and receives high fidelity video, allowing 4K and 5K displays to be used.

Vidyo Connect Meeting on Desktop
Vidyo Connect conference on a smartphone

Technical details: Vidyo Connect

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  • Native Video Codec: H.264 SVC (UCIF Mode 2s)
  • Video Encoding: Up to 720p30
  • Video Decoding: Up to 4K (2160p30)
  • Cameras: USB webcams and USB PTZ cameras
  • Number of participants displayed simultaneously: 16, plus self view
  • Select, change and control video devices "on-the-fly"


  • SPEEX Wideband Audio, up to 32 kHz sampling rate
  • Automatic Echo Suppression (AES)
  • Select, change & control audio devices "on-the-fly"


  • Far end camera control (pan/tilt/zoom)
  • Share any application or connected display
  • Pop out shared content to a seperate window
  • Software content share compliment for VidyoRoom TM
  • H.239 data sharing with legacy endpoints via VidyoCloud or VidyoGateway