DEKOM delivers EUR 2.1 million IT solution for UN mission in Ukraine

Hardware and software solutions were delivered to the State Migration Service and Border Guard Service of Ukraine in support of EU international aid program

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In August 2017 a complex hardware and software solution was delivered by DEKOM to the State Migration Service (SMS) of Ukraine and the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) of Ukraine to support an international aid program funded by the EU and executed by the International Organization for Migration, Mission in Ukraine (IOM).

The project is implemented by the IOM and was designed to support the State Migration Service (SMS) and the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) in increasing the efficiency and the effectiveness of service provision to the citizens of Ukraine and foreigners.

The SMS will benefit from a deep institutional review and new human resources setting that will improve the performance of the agency. It will also receive equipment and software to protect personal data of Ukrainians and foreigners.

The SBGS will be better equipped to ensure fast but secure border control especially at the border with the EU. With the support received through the project, both agencies will work the more and more together to guarantee to Ukrainian citizens’ and foreigners’ security and mobility at the same time. Also, the improved efficiency of both agencies will decrease the costs of migration-related services in the long run.

Cisco Data Center for the SMS designed for data processing and management, had highly complicated technical requirements, strict timelines, legal and logistic complexity.

Microsoft Software Solution for the SBGS is aimed to support daily operations of the border guards at the transit points.

The Cisco hardware solution and Microsoft software in conjunction with intelligent camera systems enable vital technical cooperation between Ukrainian government agencies and international organizations alike. The ecosystem provides efficient solutions for identification utilizing the utmost of today’s IT solutions. Solidly engineered infrastructure underlines the innovation in this industry.

The timely delivery, along with the strict regulations and logistical challenges, typically demonstrate DEKOM’s ambitions delivering globally and acting locally. DEKOM is proud to take part in building infrastructures for positive changes in the world, to create better opportunities for human communication, interaction, collaboration and cooperation worldwide.

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