Ava Aware

With the Aware Cloud, Ava offers a proactive video management system with artificial intelligence for the coordination of your security cameras. The software's learning capability is particularly noteworthy. Ava Aware analyzes video content from all of your company's installed cameras in real time. In doing so, it identifies unusual activity as well as unusual occurrences according to set rules to alert and notify you directly.

Aware makes it easy for you to control all devices and all security, including online, with a user-friendly interface, without installing any additional plugins or configurations. The entire setup is done within 10 minutes.

With adaptive AI, there are efficient ways to make your business more secure.

For example, the Spotlight feature automatically changes the video stream to show only relevant events. In doing so, there is a notification with location and time to describe the incident. Another interesting feature is the smart timeline, which highlights people, cars and movements. Additionally, one can perform a "Smart Search" to look for a specific event or person.