Ava Dome

Ava Dome Security Camera is a discreet, intelligent security camera with 4K sensor, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, even in more extreme weather conditions. This device is also built very robust, so it can withstand vandalism. The special feature of this camera lies in its learning ability and integrated analytic programs, which allows a direct response to incidents.

This security camera comes in two different versions. The on-prem dome integrates easily with the Ava Aware video management system, while the cloud dome has smart analytics built in. Both camera options update independently, password set at initialization, and offer end-to-end encryption.

Cloud-managed Dome

The Ava Cloud Dome is equipped with its own memory for up to 120 past days, as well as strong video and audio analytics. Thus, no external programs are needed for storage or analysis. This built-in analytics includes object identification for people, vehicles, colors, activity levels, as well as audio analysis for loud events such as breaking glass, gunshots, or screams.

With the dome security camera's A.I. you save valuable storage space, by identifying important incidents, the resolution is controlled to highly resolve only relevant events.

On Prem Dome

The on-prem version of the dome security camera is also equipped with audio analysis to ensure a better understanding of the environment. Designed to cooperate with the Aware Video Management System, special attention is paid to cybersecurity and includes a security boot to protect firmware.

Plug and play configuration connects the device to the Aware Cloud in a few clicks. Updates are loaded automatically.