Ava 360

Ava's intelligent 360° security camera provides an all-around view, with no blind spots. Designed for indoor as well as outdoor use, you will get a good picture with high resolution even in low light or adverse weather conditions. In the video view you can decide how you want to see the footage - possible is a round picture, panorama, single or double 16:9. The artificial intelligence of this device detects relevant incidents and only these are high resolution, which ensures savings of valuable storage space. With security aspects like end-to-end encryption and passwords, as well as automated software upgrades, you don't have to worry about the online security of your camera system.

The Ava 360° security camera comes in two models. With this model, you can choose between an on-prem device that integrates perfectly with the Ava Aware security system, and the cloud 360° version with built-in analytics.

Cloud-based 360

The cloud-based security camera stores video footage for up to 60 past days, with strong video and audio analytics, for which no external storage or additional programs are needed. An analysis function allows to find specific incidents or objects faster. This includes detection of people, cars, colors, activity levels, but also audio analysis for suspicious, loud incidents like gunshots, screams or breaking glass.


With the on-prem version comes additional features, such as directional audio analysis for more context, as well as heightened security that protects your firmware from malicious attacks in particular. Connecting to the Aware security system is as easy as can be: with the Plag-n-play feature, all configuration happens on its own.

Ava 360