What makes an office smart?

Smart is an intelligent cleverness. We call things clever when they produce surprising results with limited information and "thinking one step ahead". But what makes an office smart?

An office is smart if the room recognizes where people are sitting and who is talking, what is happening and what will happen. This information is used to adjust the conditions to ensure an optimal working relationship. Such ideas often still sound like dreams of the future, but this is by no means the case. After all, the idea of a smart office as a normal office, merely supported by smart software, is far removed from reality. This is why most "smart offices" are more of a gimmick than a real improvement in everyday working life.

A real Smart Office is made up of many parts, connected by automation. Imagine your conference room being truly smart. 15 minutes before the start of your meeting, the hardware is activated and the air is filtrated. When you enter the room, the lights are switched on. To start your presentation, the correct source for your presentation is automatically selected and the lights are dimmed. During the meeting the air is purified and all devices are automatically switched off at the end of the meeting and a report about the meeting is sent to you.

But a Smart Office not only makes your workday easier, it is also the easiest way to save money without laying off employees. Smart Offices are changing the way we work in a way that individual transportation or digital banking is changing the way money is spent. In Germany, a furnished workstation, including desk, chair, technology, rent and overheads, costs around 9000 per employee per year. Added to this are costs for conference rooms, break areas, etc. Yet 20% of these places are not in use at all over the year. With the help of a smart-office, modern communication and conference technology, every company can reduce vacancies in conference rooms by up to 90% with simple clicks, and in the long run reduce 50% of the equipped screen workstations. With an investment of about 250.000€, companies with e.g. a few thousand employees save millions in the first year. Small companies retain their flexibility and can use the freed-up space for employee retention or innovation areas.

We have specialized in ensuring that our customers can work efficiently. However, the Smart Office is only one part of our extensive range of activities.

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