Record your videocalls on a personal cloud service

A new service by Lifesize has made videoconference recording easy to use and handy. It enables you to record and share useful materials as well as keep videofiles on a personal cloud storage.

Numerous products on the market offer recording videocalls, but you’ll need some expensive software and safe Internet connection. Moreover, be ready to allocate enough memory of your device to a videosession.

According to Lifesize marketing vice-president Michael Helmbrecht’s claims, Amplify service will provide its users quick access to their storage on any device. Recording starts in just one mouse click, at the same time not only video- and audiotracks, but also materials shared by participants during the call are saved.

Lifesize Cloud service is similar to Youtube. Users can share their records as well as add the most popular content to their ‘to view’ lists. Separate channels will be available to create on the storage in future.