StarLeaf Cloud Endpoint Subscriptions

StarLeaf Cloud Endpoint Subscriptions is a video endpoint registration service enabling organisations to upgrade interoperability of existing video conferencing infrastructure.

Extend the life of your legacy and end-of-life video endpoints and get protection against spam calls. Increase the functionality of you existing H.323/SIP video systems to the cloud and get increased functionality. Compatible with endpoints of StarLeaf, Cisco, Tandberg, Lifesize, Polycom and Avaya/Radvison.

Your organization will automatically qualify for StarLeaf App, which is free and can be installed by everyone. You’ll also be able to invite external parties to join you on video with StarLeaf Guest Invite. With StarLeaf you’ll always be able to connect, no matter what the other person is using in their meeting room or on their desktop.

StarLeaf Cloud Endpoint Subscriptions
DEKOM is certified StarLeaf Premier Partner

Technical details: StarLeaf Cloud Endpoint Subscriptions


  • H.323, SIP, Lync/SfB, AES, H.235, H.239, AAC-ELD, AAC-LD, G.711 μ-law / A-law, G.722, G.722.1, Annex C, iLBC, H.263, H.263+, H.264, SVC, DTMF, RDP

Firewall Traversal:

  • H.460 for H.323 and STUN/ICE for SIP

Video Support:

  • Send and receive HD video


  • Supports industry-standard, fully encrypted, video and audio

Supported Endpoint Manufacturers:

  • Cisco/Tandberg
  • Lifesize
  • Polycom
  • Avaya/Radvision