Cisco Webex Teams

Formerly known as Cisco Spark

Cisco Webex Teams provides unlimited and secure virtual rooms for ad hoc team collaboration from anywhere. The product is available in a free version and two paid versions – Message or Message and Meet – with additional functions.

Once in the room, team members securely send messages, share and view files, start multiparty voice and video calls and share their screens. All the teams’ files, documents and decisions are stored at the same place – without the need to download it. Teams are instantly more productive with Cisco Webex Teams instead of a commercial mail program.

Individuals can sign up for Cisco Webex Teams and start using the following features for free: 1:1 and group messaging, file sharing, 1:1 video calling and meetings with screen sharing in rooms for up to three participants, mobile calendar and contact integration, online self-service functionality and end-to-end content encryption.

The free service is accessed through a mobile app available on Google Play or the Apple App Store. A Windows desktop app is also available. Use Cisco Webex Teams by downloading the app from the store or using a web browser. Any member of any team can initiate the service and start a Cisco Webex Teams room.

Cisco Webex Teams
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Technical details: Cisco Webex Teams

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Cisco Webex Teams (free version)

  • Messaging
  • File sharing
  • 1:1 video calling with screen sharing
  • Meetings with screen sharing in room with 3 participants
  • Mobile calendar and contact integration
  • Online self-service support
  • End-to-end content encryption and in-transit and media encryption

Cisco Spark Message
All the benefits of Cisco Webex Teams with the following additional functionality:

  • Room moderation
  • External participants indication
  • Directory sync
  • Single sign-on
  • Live support

Cisco Spark Message and Meet
All the benefits of Cisco Webex Teams with the following additional functionality:

  • Meetings with screen sharing in rooms with up to 25 participants
  • Entitlement to Cisco WebEx Meeting Center or Enterprise Edition