This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Sony PCS-1. The successor product is SONY PCS-XG80.

Sony PCS-1

With the PCS-1, many possibilities are available for ISDN, IP and Mix-ISDN-IP video communication. Problem-free integration in company networks, full compatibility with video conferencing systems of other manufacturers and modular design characterize this new SONY development. You can start with the basic package and complete the system step-by-step – your video conferencing system can thus be customized to your individual needs perfectly.

The PCS-1 allows you to integrate XGA-PC documents in your video conference using DualStream technology by the push of a button. With the Smart Management Solutions software, you can remote manage all resources and activities in the area of video conferencing from one location.

Sony PCS-1

Technical details: Sony PCS-1

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  • Videoaufl ösung SD (CIF)
  • IP-Bandbreite bis zu 2 Mbps 
  • ISDN-Bandbreite bis 768 kbps
  • limitierte Mehrpunktfähigkeit
  • H.239 Übertragung von PC-Dokumenten
  • Lieblingssystem unseres 1st Level Supports 
  • Wechselspeicher Memory Stick