This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product SONY PCS-XG80.


The SONY PCS-XG80 is a powerful, affordable, and compact HD videoconference system. The PCS-XG80 achieves 1080i HD video quality, making your daily business communication style more effective, productive, and comfortable.

The HD camera of the PCS-XG80 adopts the Sony developed BrightFaceTM technology, which produces clear images even when used in rooms with less-than-ideal lighting conditions. The unit also features clear and natural- sounding stereo audio, allowing you to hold videoconferences with "real communication" as if you were talking in the same room.

Moreover, the PCS-XG80 offers a number of other features for user convenience, such as one-touch dialing for starting a videoconference, an HDMI interface allowing a single cable connection between the codec and display, an embedded MCU for multi-point connections, and a new RF Remote CommanderTM unit that can be operated without having to be pointed directly towards the system.

Sony PCS XG80 Example
Sony PCS XG80 Codec
Sony PCS XG80 Codec Back
Sony PCS XG80 Codec Top
Sony PCS XG80 In Use 01
Sony PCS XG80 In Use 02
Sony PCS XG80 In Use 03
Sony PCS XG80 In Use 04
Sony PCS XG80 In Use 05

Technical details: SONY PCS-XG80

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  • 1080i resolution at 4MBit/s
  • 720p resolution at 1MBit/s
  • data sharing with 30fps via H.239 (H.263 and H.264) with SXGA-resolution resp. 720p
  • Sony BrightFace-Technology
  • Annotation-Mode
  • Dual-Netzwerkinterface LAN und WAN
  • HDMI-Output
  • Stereo Audio
  • 6x Multipoint Continous Presence and VA via ISDN and IP, 2MBit/s per Multipoint HD participant with 720p
  • 10MBit/s Bandwidth
  • Recording of the video conference by Memory Stick Pro and Pro Duo
  • new Interface with semitransparent Menue and Overlays
  • very small: 282mm x 52mm x 244mm and 2,8kg