Sony TEOS is a workspace management software. It is designed to enhance productivity, creativity, communication and collaboration in your organisation. Sony's software is made up of different workspace solutions. The focus is on optimising meetings and room bookings, central office management and the effective use of digital signage.

TEOS Manage – Control all devices, signage, content and controls in the building.

TEOS Book – Interactive room booking solution that allows you to control and optimise the use of conference rooms.

TEOS Mobile – Manage meetings and hot desk bookings from anywhere with a mobile app.

TEOS Outlook Add-In – Invite visitors, manage meetings and use automatic synchronisation at the click of a mouse.

TEOS Room Status – Share meeting room booking details on a large display.

TEOS Signage – Create and distribute colourful, eye-catching and touch-interactive digital signage.

TEOS TV – Implement a corporate TV solution that allows your staff to watch and change programmes.

TEOS Videowall – Edit content for playback on video walls in any configuration.

TEOS Meeting Display – Transform unused meeting screens into intelligent and informative displays.

TEOS Room Control – Control connected meeting room devices through a customisable interface.

TEOS Connect – Wirelessly mirror content from your device to BRAVIA Professional Displays.

TEOS Reception – Professionally greet each visitor as they check in and notify the host of their arrival.

TEOS Survey – Collect feedback from staff and guests with a fully customisable survey platform.

TEOS Wayfinding – Easily navigate the business and search for available rooms.