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Cisco Jabber Video Enterprise

Formerly known as Tandberg Movi

Cisco meets the continued strong demand for desktop video conferencing solutions with the client-server based Jabber Video Enterprise, previously called Movi. The Cisco Jabber Video Enterprise supports 1080p30 and includes the Cisco PrecisionHD USB Camera with a resolution of 720p30. Software allocation, scalability, built-in security and traversal functions and ease of use were high priorities during development of Jabber Video Enterprise. To ensure the maximum possible flexibility, Jabber Video Enterprise can be connected with any of Cisco’s standards-based endpoints and is not limited to single point-to-point connections. Jabber Video Enterprise provides high quality, interoperable video communication for laptops. Jabber Video Enterprise allows you to reach any employee at their workstation, whether they are travelling, at home or in the office. At the same time, the system remains very easily manageable for administrators. Request free UC.Clients

Cisco Jabber Video Enterprise
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