Wienold (Lifesize) vs Heisterkamp (DEKOM)

Andreas Wienold (EMEA President Lifesize) compares the simplified product offering of Lifesize to In-N-Out Burger's menu. Björn Heisterkamp (DEKOM BV), fan of McDonald's, expected more side dishes.

In-n-out Burger

Admitted: if you go to Austin (Texas), you probably don't score many points in the group if you tell you want to go to McDonald's. For that matter Wienold easily moved the group by saying that In-N-Out Burger has the best burgers worldwide. Tasting was on the agenda for Saturday. Wienold started his presentation during the annual world wide partner conference with the menu of this relatively unknown burger chain.

Wienold took the menu as a parallel for the changes Lifesize is undergoing. In-N-Out Burger is no nonsense: the burger, the fries, the drinks. Straight forward and to the point. As such is Lifesize as of yet. Video conferencing: the application, the technique and the solution. Or a variant to this. That is quite a change as compared to some years ago. How do we explain this?

A couple of years ago, after the sell of Lifesize to Logitech, the industry pioneer Craig Malloy pulled back. By command of the new CEO a rough number of products had been added to the portfolio. Different products, techniques and variants complemented the product offering, making it hard for the end user and the reseller to find out what is right. Too many choices, lack of focus and clarity.

Upon Malloy's come-back, change happened. Many of these products were immediately declared end of sale and the portfolio became clearer. In May, also a new corporate logo was announced. The direction of Lifesize became clear to the core of the highest certified resellers. The new product line (Lifesize Cloud and Lifesize Icon) is easily explained. The comparison to fast food came easy on Heisterkamp. A perfect step into the right direction. But to battle against McDonald's? Doubtful. Obviously a burger of the little In-N-Out could taste great. But how about consistency? Isn't unknown equal to unloved? And should DEKOM counter by comparing then McDonald's to Cisco? Naughty minds played Heisterkamp. So... let's taste it. That's the only resolution.

The result was surprising. What do you expect from an unknown burger? Juicy, fresh, exotic and more surprises. Lifesize has a fresh new look, a contemporary new corporate identity and so is Lifesize Cloud: perfect look 'n feel, works fine and integrates fantastically with Lifesize Icon (video conferencing system). The number of systems has been brought down dramatically and now Lifesize brings the clarity that was needed: it is just a matter of choosing some variables. Single or dual display, HD or Full HD, MicPod or Phone. And then complement the menu by indicating the size of the meeting groups. Chose 10 or 25 participants and the suite of clients and multipoint meetings can be activated through the cloud. Lifesize Icon is being connected as one of the 10 or 25 participants to the system.

Lifesize Cloud truly is a revolution. The clear menu (price list, choices) makes it easy and attractive to bundle a good solution for video conferencing. Not only to larger enterprises, but really to organisations of any size. Obviously Heisterkamp wants more, but only as long as Lifesize sticks to the new direction.

Little facts:

  • DEKOM (AG, Group), has been awarded for the fourth time 'Best EMEA Partner'
  • The world wide first user of Lifesize Cloud is a Dutch company (activated through DEKOM BV).
  • DEKOM BV's 100th Lifesize customer signed on June 28th 2014, the day of DEKOM BV's third birthday.