New portable camera for videoconferencing AVer VC320

The range DEKOM a new product - a portable camera AVer VC320.

Manufacturer AVer has created a quality and practical product that supports the trend of portability and mobility.

AVer VC320 - is a hardware system for comfortable online communication, created on the principle of "all-in-one." Inside this small portable devaysa and quality camera and microphones that capture all the sounds around and hardware infrastructure that transmits the data as quickly as possible.

AVer VC320 is ideal for personal use and for small workgroups, from 2 to 8 people. In small rooms communicate with this solution, AVer's very convenient: Full HD 1080p Camera broadcasts video in high quality microphones and a maximum transmit clear sound - you are sure you will hear and see.

Manufacturer focused on the simplicity and convenience. To start using, only need to connect the device to the USB - and can start communication. Connect the device can also be via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In addition to the transmission of audio and video in high quality, at AVer VC320 have additional functions. For example, with the help of special software, you can turn any smartphone into a remote control system of AVer. Through this portable video system can also broadcast your screen, documents and files.