Logitech Select: Comprehensive service, for complete reliability

In today's business world, video conferencing has become an indispensable means of communication. To ensure that businesses can reliably use best-in-class solutions, Logitech offers the Logitech Select service. With the service, businesses can ensure that their video conferencing systems run smoothly and that any potential downtime is minimised.

Logitech Select includes technical support, product replacement and expedited RMA. In addition, Logitech Select offers integrations with Sync Insights and ServiceNow for optimal use of video conferencing solutions.

Customers can rely on replacement of their Logitech equipment without having to purchase separate warranty extensions. Replacement parts are usually delivered the next business day.

For seamless integration into existing workflows, Logitech Select offers the ServiceNow integration. This integration allows the IT department to monitor and manage conference room devices and perform firmware updates from a unified web dashboard. This provides IT teams with instant notifications of important events such as equipment shutdowns or room overcrowding. This allows them to optimise room availability and uptime.

Sync Insights is another feature of Logitech Select. By collecting and collating data on room and device usage, Sync Insights enables detailed reporting and analysis. This allows companies to easily implement, manage and monitor their on-demand video conferencing solutions.

Companies with more than 50 installed video conferencing rooms also benefit from a dedicated Service Manager. He helps to set up solutions and provides targeted technical support and problem solving. In addition, for every 50 rooms covered by Logitech Select, companies receive on-site spares that can replace a full room solution. This ensures seamless business continuity as you have immediate access to a working room solution in the event of a fault or damage.