DEKOM is a Humly Partner in the USA

As one of the leading unified collaboration and conferencing companies, DEKOM is a Humly partner in the USA and helps teams to book, manage and optimize office space with Humly Workplace Solutions.

Humly was born as a global company with permanent offices in several locations in Europe and Asia. Humly offers its own solutions and services worldwide through local partners.

 Easily book rooms, desks, and other workspaces with Humly Room Display, Humly Deskbooking, and Humly Reservations. Navigate your hybrid office at a glance with Humly Wayfinding.

Humly Workplace Solutions is an integrated end-to-end solution with enterprise-class security.

  • Integration with Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar
  • Cloud management system
  • Stylish and timeless visual design
  • No more integration chaos and security nightmares
  • Customized hardware gives you complete control
  • Less friction, more focus with Humly Workplace Solutions.

Want a modern workplace? Ask us about it. We have over 30 years of experience and are ready to help make your project a reality.

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