Cisco's new android-based desktop collaboration devices

For the highlight of the event, a public video conference with Russian Star Investor Slava Rabinovich, the British businessman, billionaire and extreme athlete completely relied on DEKOM – and has not been disappointed: "Videoconferencing is fantastic for people who haven't got the time to travel" said Branson, adding even a few personal words to DEKOM: "It was very clear and really good - well done! Don't put our airlines out of business..."Until now, it was common to equip workers' desktops with various solutions purpose-built for specific tasks – voice-only phones, webcams, monitors and more. Unfortunately, having so many different technologies for unique tasks does not only rise cost and complexity or the company and especially the IT department, but also causes frustration for users, having different experiences as they move between different devices and collaboration modalities throughout the day.

Cisco DX series

However, with its new android-based desktop collaboration devices, Cisco aims to change this: the Cisco DX70 and DX80 simplify our work lives by providing access to all the tools and applications required in highly collaborative work environments. Both of them combine HD video, VoIP telephony with speakerphone, webconferencing and integrated business applications in a single device. 

With their integrated videoconferencing codec, HD camera, Full HD LCD multi-touch screen, high-quality sound system and noise-canceling microphone, Cisco's DX70 and DX80 are optimally equipped for high-quality videoconferencing. Their easy-to-use on-screen navigation allows to start video calls, add participants or share presentations and documents at a fingertip, while USB and Bluetooth connectivity ensures high versatility.

The two new desktop solutions only differ by their screen size: the DX70 has a 14-inch, the DX80 a 23-inch screen. The DX Series also offers an android based smart desktop solution that combines a classic phone with a tablet, the DX650.

Further information is provided on the respective product pages:

Cisco DX70 - Cisco DX80 - Cisco DX650

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