WolfVision VZ-8

The WolfVision VZ-8 series of compact desktop visualiser systems can be set up and put away in just two steps, and at just 13.7 cm high when folded, it fits perfectly into a drawer. They have become the worldwide standard in a large number of business and educational institutions in recent years.

Both of the current, fourth-generation models have a powerful CMOS camera with native full HD resolution and for the first time feature the new YSOP1 image processing engine with sRGB colour precision, all contained in a modern housing that was awarded the Red Dot Design Award. While the VZ-8light delivers a solid 30 fps, the VZ-8plus is the first visualiser in the world to have a frame rate of 60 frames per second in native 1080p HD resolution, allowing for smoother motion and faster autofocus than ever before. It also features a built-in LCD live preview monitor, which makes it incredibly simple to position an object correctly on the working surface.

WolfVision VZ-8
WolfVision VZ8 series
WolfVision VZ8 series camera
WolfVision VZ8 series control
WolfVision VZ8 series front

Technical details: WolfVision VZ-8

Order number
VZ-8light4: 102011
VZ-8plus4: 102012

  • Camera: 1-CMOS
  • 2D / 3D imaging: 2D
  • Horizontal resolution (lines): 980
  • Frames per second:
    30 (VZ-8light4)
    60 (VZ-8plus4)
  • Effective megapixels per second:
    62.2 (VZ-8light4)
    124.4 (VZ-8plus4)
  • Native pixels of camera sensor: 1920x1080
  • vSolution Connect compatible: Optional
  • vSolution Control compatible (with external WLAN infrastructure)
  • vSolution Link compatible
  • UVC Driver for Windows, Linux, and OS X (Mac)
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Built-in LCD preview monitor: Only by the VZ-8plus4
  • Live to Freeze comparison (on two displays or picture in picture):
    Optional (VZ-8light4)
    Included (VZ-8plus4)
  • Lens type (wide angle or tele zoom): Wide
  • Zoom: 14x optical / 2x digital
  • High Speed Autofocus + Manual focus
  • Manual iris:
    Optional (VZ-8light4)
    Included (VZ-8plus4)
  • Tilt range of camera to audience / to speaker: 100/120° (220°)
  • User programmable presets:
    1 [or 3 optional] (VZ-8light4)
    3 (VZ-8plus4)
  • Special working surface for transparencies
  • Dry-erase working surface: Optional
  • Computer input / Input switch: HDMI (no Audio)
  • Seamless switch with fading effects:
    Optional (VZ-8light4)
    Included (VZ-8plus4)
  • WolfVision image processing engine YSOP1
  • Image memory:
    1 image [or 9 + USB optional] (VZ-8light4)
    9 images + USB stick (VZ-8plus4)
  • Digital image output: HDMI
  • Analog image output: VGA
  • USB 2.0 Device port
  • USB 2.0 Host port:
    Optional (VZ-8light4)
    Included (VZ-8plus4)
  • RS232 port: Via adoptor
  • Ethernet (LAN) port
  • Unicast/Multicast streaming: Only by the VZ-8plus4
  • WLAN (Dual band stick included for 2.4GHz and 5GHz): Optional
  • Remote Control (with laserpointer):
    Optional (VZ-8light4)
    Included (VZ-8plus4)



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